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The creative event-partner network

Creators of Live is a consulting and organizing agency for exclusive, high end events. Our service goes worldwide. But in order to bring knowledge and expertise to the best level in each country we work with partners. From a sustainable, creative and passionate point of view. After all, only the best of the best is good enough!

Only a strong and rooted network offers the possibility to guarantee our clients, guests and event managers the best in the creative and unique Experience Design process.

Curious about our limitless possibilities for your corporate or private events? National or international? A challenge or event issue? We love to get to know you.

Our creative event-partners in The Netherlands.

CLC-Vecta. The trade association for Live Communication! From knowledge enrichment, connections and legal expertise Creators of Live decided to become a member of the most prestigious trade association in the event industry in the Netherlands. From this position, it is possible for Creators of Live to move flexibly and continuously bring supply and demand together.

Executive-Assistance. Together with Executive-Assistance we provide special live events. We support the secretary, personal assistant and executive assistant in organizing special meetings, workshops, lectures, presentations and various corporate events.

TravelMarketing. In the Netherlands, our office is represented by TravelMarketing an organization that opens its network to international agencies. They connect, inspire and are all selected for quality and high performance.

Masters HQ. The exclusive and special network of Masters HQ is all about exclusivity, high performance and luxury. Creators of Live is connected to them to perform at top level thanks to this network. We inspire, connect and network in order to realize a cross-pollination between client and creative partners.

Our creative event-partners International.

Global Event Mates. The best is yet to come in the open and online network of Global Event Mates. They represent specialist event agencies, each carefully selected for their knowledge and exceptional results. Creators of Live is a member from the thought of connecting on a global level.

Global DMC Partners. A worldwide network of creative and qualitative event agencies with each his, her and its specialism in his/her country. Through the accurate and thorough selection process of Global DMC Partners we build on a strong and trusted network. At the same time they present Creators of Live DMC The Netherlands, DMC The Benelux and DMC The Gambia to a wide range of clients.

The ultimate creative event-partner network

The ultimate network does not exist. It is important to us that our core values: love, interest, respect and success are allowed to be expressed in all our concepts and event design plans. We do this for an absolutely sustainable and inclusive experience.

With this in mind, we offer space to further discover new creative partners in the constantly changing world. So that we can always present our services to our clients in an innovative manner and at a high quality level.

Curiousty aroused for your live events?

Has your curiosity been aroused? Are you curious about our services for your organization or private life? We like to use our creative partners for the success of your live event and live experience.

On the basis of an intensive cooperation we develop a creative event design plan. The intensive cooperation is focused on our relationship with the client and our creative partners. This way we work together towards the best experience for every guest.

Would you like to get to know us? Let’s see if we have a match!

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