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Special Meetings

‘Special’ is the starting point of all unique en exclusive meetings. In the broadest sense of the word! We think along about the content of your dilemma and advise towards the ultimate desired result. Our unique power? Every event has its own added value for every individual participant. We contribute to life!

What is your unique question?

The world is continually changing and the needs of the market and suppliers changes just as quickly. Respond to this asks creativity and flexibility. What coincidence! These are the core properties of Creators of Live. How do we respond to the latest developments within the industry? How will your organization make the difference, now and tomorrow? Which knowledge and inspiration contribute to an innovative product strategy? How do we implement a new method? How do employees perform? How do we work to more conversion?

We don’t skip any of these dilemmas during the corporate events of Creators of Live. We’ll figure it out, expose the question and make it the main topic of your special meeting. The indispensable facets? An effective program, strong content and entourage of highest quality.

The program
Creators of Live doesn’t work from the sidelines. We investigate the issue en advise in a successful program. Is the dilemma clear? Then we switch to the content, setup, decoration and location with facilities.

Special meetings lead to a lot of input. We also facilitate in valuable extra’s like a note taker, cartoonist or business draftsman. This way we concrete all actions, solutions and surprising next steps.

Let’s leave nothing to chance and focus on the main topic. What you can expect from us? An inspiring meeting location, appropriate decoration, audiovisual means, good accessibility and all additional facilities.

As your interlocutor we lead meetings, set up brainstorm sessions, develop programs and are familiar with a range of angles. Are you ready to lift your special meeting to a higher level? We are born ready!

Team building
Team building gives your meeting a successful extra dimension. This way we contribute to creativity, inspiration and connectedness of all your participants.

Jacco Verschoor - Creators of Live - Exclusive, high end events

Exclusive and effective special meetings

Creators of Live advises in all possibilities to make your exclusive and effective special meeting a great success. That those possibilities are endless, is an understatement. Let’s catch up!