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Private events our service

We love to listen to you. Everything we organize is about you and is for you and your precious guests. From the most beautiful day of your life to the most beautiful day of everyone’s life. The day of your dreams! We understand your wishes, your needs and your preferences. By understanding you we create unique private events for you. Jacco and his team will make sure you won’t lack for anything on this day. And the possibilities? They are overwhelming. The goal? To exceed your expectations for a lasting live experience. Creative, authentic, sustainable and exclusive! From our values for: love, interest, respect and success!

Our service is comprehensive

For organizing the most beautiful day of your life or celebrating a special birthday. Creators of Live is a creative consulting and organizing agency for exclusive, high end events. Because of this, our possibilities are extensive. We respond to every request, from Wedding Planner to Ceremony Master. Developing a unique Event Design to Event Coordinator. We listen to your story, your idea and wishes and translate this into a particularly unique and creative proposal. Exclusive, high end to the details we go for the perfect organization. Only the best of the best is good enough, you may not lack anything! An overview of our services:

Dream destination in the Netherlands, Italy, Dubai, Ibiza or rather winter in Lapland? We know the hidden secrets

Selecting the right venue or location, including location visits

Hospitality & Concierge Service

Advising on and managing the budget

Website development

Selecting and distributing invitations

Track sign-ups and registration the RSVP’s, including special requests

Coordinating the transportation

Develop and manage budget and time schedule

Assist with menu development

Select and recommend vendors

Coordinating and organizing your reception and ceremony

Coordinating favors and gifts, including small gifts for guests

Arranging additional activities and entertainment

Developing and executing an exclusive script

Selecting luxury venues with or without accommodation

Select and recommend photographer and/or videographer

Develop a special tangible album or video as a lasting gift or memory for life!

Creating the guest experience

During a private event, you invite the most important people of your life. Together with them you want to experience the day of your life or celebrate successes. The love should shine through, not only for you but also for your dear guests. With our Hospitality & Concierge service we offer you the guarantee that you can enjoy your most beautiful day stress-free! Your guests will be taken care of and they will not lack anything, the aim? It would be their most beautiful day too!

Enchant us with your love, and we will realize your dream

The best day of your life or everyone's life?

Celebrate love or organize a unique wedding. In addition, there are many other reasons where we make dreams come true, after all you want to celebrate something special and we do it together!

Wedding day

Brunch, babyshowers

Birthday or anniversay celebrations

Theme parties and private dinings

The special day of your life, just together!

Making dreams come true

Creators of Live is a creative consulting and organizing agency for live communication and live events. From love, interest, respect and success we transform business and private issues into unique win-win situations; exclusive, high end events. Always with a sustainable and social consideration.

Jacco together with his team makes your dreams come true. Special, moving, passionate, elegant with whatever reason you want to organize your special day. Together we will make it unique. We will listen to your wishes, ideas, preferences and translate them into an exclusive, high end event.