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Social event for Dentists

After times of COVID19, about 30 dentists wanted to connect and spar with each other again. Curious how each specialist experienced the past period. Sharing knowledge, inspiring and connecting with each other. Creators of Live came into contact with the Royal Dutch Society for the Advancement of Dentistry (KNMT) through LinkedIn. It promised to be a special member meeting for the KNMT.

The original request for a social event, members meeting.

Via LinkedIn we came across the call from the KNMT for a summery and festive location near Rotterdam. Suitable for a members meeting on 1.5 meters with a cozy casual barbecue. We responded and came into contact with the KNMT. After an intake by telephone the wishes, the (im)possibilities and especially the necessities were discussed. Possibly supplemented by an interesting lecture? The details for the social event were clear to us and we could get started. 

A comprehensive proposal with the (im)possibilities

According to plan, quickly and accurately we wrote an appropriate proposal for the KNMT. This included the possibilities around the COVID-19 measures. The locations were all presented in detail, with our personal recommendation. As an addition, we also suggested a speaker. A speaker that would enhance the meeting. Originally, the KNMT was to arrange the speaker for the lecture itself. We were able to convince the KNMT and they chose our recommendation.

A well taken care off and delicious barbecue for dentists during social event _ Creators of Live
Hospitality at the Dentists by Pauline Sterenborg for the KNMT _ Creators of Live

The social event for dentists

The social event for these specialists was different than usual. A festive and cozy BBQ. The goal to reconnect colleagues within the profession. No formal agenda, no standard location. This led to a surprising location below Rotterdam, Hofstede de Paradijshoeve. A sustainable and conscious location near the North, located along the A15.


In compiling the proposals, we have taken into account a clear overview of the locations. The preconditions and the investments. As icing on the cake, Creators of Live came with a unique lecture by Pauline Sterenborg on “Hospitality at the Dental Clinic”. A ‘hot topic’ within dentistry. How do you put the patient at ease? When are you autonomous as a dentist and when do you settle into a service role? What is the added value for your clinic if you are hospitable? Through practical examples and illustrations in Pauline’s lecture, the dentists became aware of the importance about “Hospitality at the Dental Clinic”.

We were pleasantly surprised with the proposal for Pauline's lecture! Incredibly nice that you were so cooperative with us! - KNMT.

Connecting again during a live meeting?

“Among the dentists, the reactions were praiseful about the surprising location and Pauline’s inspiring lecture. Perhaps until the next meeting, we have experienced the cooperation as very pleasant.” Indicated our client during the evaluation. 

After having been in the band of the coronavirus during the event, the importance of connecting has never been greater. Meeting each other, creating new collaborations, sharing inspiration with each other. Connecting through unique live meetings and live events! We are incredibly proud of one of our first clients. Grateful and delighted that the KNMT entrusted us with this assignment.

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