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Creators of Live club: our own exclusive events

We pull out all the stops for our successful clients, organizations, entrepreneurs or influencers. We create LIVE and there are no limits. Boundaries don’t scare us, they strengthen, motivate and inspire us. By building a versatile and especially unique network we also organize our own exclusive events: the Creators of Live productions. Unique and very special experiences where you’re more than welcome to steal the show. We roll out the red carpet. Will you become a Creators of Live VIP?

Our productions: from oysters and champagne to exclusive master-classes

Our own exclusive events are a great passion. Feel the love, respect, interest and success at the unforgettable Creators of Live productions. Especially for you as our guest we create high-quality experiences that contribute to live. What invitations you can expect? An exclusive afternoon with oysters and champagne under the guidance of the best dutch violinist. Or what about a high end whiskey tasting with cigars and The Netherlands’ greatest expert? Exclusivity, high end and life changing: meet the Creators of Live Productions.

Creators of Live contributes to live. And life! During our high end events we do this regularly with masterclasses of special, inspiring coaches and speakers. Together with those experts we have the power to expose life changing dilemmas. We provide an answer on your questions, dilemmas or issues. For example, we would like to invite you to a masterclass high performance business coaching or learn about the necessary etiquette in a humorous and stylish way.

Join Creators of Live club

We inspire, motivate and connect. Creators of Live club aims to bring together entrepreneurs, influencers and successful individuals. During the live events by Creators of Live club you will enjoy exclusive, high end events. Expectations are exceeded, connections are made with the aim to inspire and motivate each other. An open network where unique experiences are interspersed with special lectures, presentations and entertainment. Expanding each other and enjoying together; become a Creators of Live VIP member!

Een greep uit onze exclusieve evenementen en producties

Jacco Verschoor

Become a VIP member at Creators of Live club.

So, a wide range of high end exclusive events. We are extremely proud of that. Our aim? Guarantee unique added value and stimulate every sense. We don’t live up to expectations. We exceed them! To the max.

To the point. Did you know you can register for our own live productions? Let us surprise you with our agenda and experience the unforgettable mix of perfects ingredients, illusion, surprises and exclusivity. Believe us: you don’t want to miss out on this.