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Organizing a luxury wedding?

Creators of Live advises and organizes exclusive, high end events, both corporate and private. One type of event where it’s all about extravagance and luxury, is the absolute dream wedding or ‘Celebrate Love’. Is the best day of your life, meant to be the best day of everyone’s life? Luxury is not only about a generous budget, but especially about details, attention and service. Our wedding planner will take care of the total organization and creation of your dream wedding. In this blog we share with you some tips for organizing your ultimate luxury dream wedding or ‘Celebrate Love’.

Essentials for a luxury wedding or 'Celebrate Love'.

The ultimate luxury wedding is all about attention, details and optimal service. During a luxury wedding, the focus is on all the exclusive details. It’s about bringing together a luxurious atmosphere, your personal interests and personality into an unforgettable dream wedding. Make it even more special by adding extra personal details of your guests. In this way, your dream wedding will be a dream for all your guests.

There are many possible themes. Our 10 favorite wedding themes we like to share with you: rustic and elegant, cool and industrial, street art or art, gardens and forests, glamour, vineyard, beach and sea, bohemian chic, vintage like the roaring 20’s and of course romantic! Don’t stare blindly at these themes because your personalities, dreams, ideas and your story will prevail.

Not to mention the dream destination. In the Netherlands there are plenty of possibilities, but do you want to organize your wedding further abroad? Then the possibilities are endless, think of Iceland or Lapland for an ultimate winter wedding. Hong Kong for an urban wedding. Ibiza for beach, sea and luxury parties or Santorini for romance under the Greek sun. Tuscany for the ultimate wedding in an agriculturismo with its long stretches of vineyards. Oman or Marrakesh for 1001 nights. Malta for vintage and history. Lisbon for Portuguese vibes and delicacies. And we can keep going on.

So the list of dream weddings becomes endless and we go for the ultimate dream wedding that fits your personalities, your dreams and your story. Your dream wedding will be a moment to remember forever.

Couples who go for the ultimate luxury wedding or 'Celebrate Love'.

Couples and honeymooners ’to be’ who choose the ultimate luxury wedding understand that it’s all about the details, the attention, the service, and the complete unburdening. We give you that, which you didn’t know you wanted! Overall, you are lovers and enjoy life, you love beautiful clothing brands, delicious food, and you love to enjoy yourself with your family, friends and loved ones.

A luxury wedding or “Celebrate Love” usually comes with a big price tag. To truly celebrate love together or that ultimate dream wedding, the guest list will be limited to those who really matter to you. Loved ones, family, friends; the intimates. You don’t just want it to be the day of your life, you want it to be the day of everyone’s life! A special experience where you and your loved ones are central. Expectations must be exceeded.

Couples or Honeymooners 'to be' who choose for the ultimate luxury dream wedding - Creators of Live

After determining the atmosphere, theme, destination and budget

By now we are already getting a good feel about you. Slowly we understand each other and we come to beautiful insights. To completely unburden you as a couple, a mood board is what you get to work with. Sometimes you do not quite get your words across as a couple, a mood board will indicate both of you flawlessly. By blending your mood boards we determine together if we are on the right track for your ultimate dream wedding or ‘celebrate love’.

The location for the ceremony and / or reception? It’s nice when we can find a venue that meets all your needs right away, but sometimes we run into the scenario that it’s simply not good enough. In that case, we may better choose to build up the atmosphere in general and floral decorations.

The ‘save the date’ and the invitation breathe the atmosphere, theme and dress code for your ultimate dream wedding. Both give enough hints and tips of the veil so that your guests can prepare in the best possible way.

Transport and accommodation? Our wedding planner will ensure that you and your guests lack for nothing. We would like to think along with you about an appropriate transport. Often a luxury Lamborghini or vintage classic car is chosen, but we are creative and together with you we will come up with the most luxurious surprising options. After a fantastic day it is wonderful to kick off your heels and recover from all the impressions and love in a luxurious suite.

With our concierge service we provide the ultimate experience and that you and your guests will lack for nothing. So you do not have to worry about your guests and you can trust us to take care of your loved ones.

A luxury wedding is all about details, attention and service! - Creators of Live
Jacco Verschoor - Creators of Live - Exclusive, high end events

We open doors to your luxury dream wedding!

Your ultimate luxury wedding or ‘celebrate love’ in the Netherlands or somewhere in the world? Make your crazy dreams come true! Creators of Live opens doors where others do not. We love a challenge and like to take it on!

From our values of love, respect, interest and success we transform every dream wedding into the most beautiful day, especially for you and your guests. We like to add an extra touch of magic to make the experience memorable. So that everyone experiences a special experience for a lifetime of memories.

Do we fall in love with each other? Say “Yes, I do!” and we’ll talk soon.