Online teambuilding

Online team building

Online team building. With a bunch of ideas it’s not that hard to organize one online corporate event after the other. But is that the way? Don’t you skip any present dilemmas and do you achieve the right goal? Creators of Live will take you on a journey and unburden in the world of online team building. Think about exposing dilemmas, translate the benefits into a creative concept, the communication around your online corporate event, guest registration ánd realization of successful online team building. What is your goal? We have the strategy!

Online teambuilding to increase the appreciation

An Online Summer Festival, music bingo, pub quiz or music and entertainment show? We could easily make it happen. In addition, we offer delicious work from home lunches, virtual breakfasts, a digital drink or dining box full of appreciation.

Find the connection

Look up for connection again and create a strong, collaborative team. Some examples? An online escape room, treasure hunt or let us organize an online workshop.

Online Festival Game

The SDG game

A mix of competence and competition

A competitive online team building with the aim of develop competencies. A recipe for success! We provide an exclusive drink or lunch package, remote games as Project Arrow or Race around the World. Everything we organize is effective for your business goals.

More focus on developing skills and competencies? Go for an online corporate drawing workshop or workshop presenting online. Or does your team needs to focus more on competition and collaboration? Then we organize a Team Quiz Challenge or online murder game.

Online Teambuilding

Increase vitality with effective online team building

A lack of live contact and communication. You will understand that this is a nightmare for Creators of Live, but we want to emphasize that it is also harmful for your staff members. Let a personal trainer challenge you or focus on a hybrid vitality team building game with us. We provide a fully stocked knapsack and a memorable organization.

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Exclusive online team building

Creators of Live advises in all possibilities to make a great success of your online team building. That those possibilities are endless, is an understatement. Should we catch up?