Online relatie evenement

Online relationship events

Staying on top of mind with your relations, while the universe is not cooperating in physical possibilities? Creators of Live provides online relationship events and fight against all the impossibilities. The aim? Remain visible, generate valuable data and share knowledge. We are very proud of our formats.

Our most popular online online relationship events

The Round table discussion. Connect participants with experts and make sure they go deeper into the content of a product of innovative method.

The talk show. Participants present themselves at a real ‘talk show table’ and tell everything about their vision on the topic to be discussed. Additional invitees? The chairman of the day, moderator or client. Your issue or dilemma in a DIY talk show. We’ll arrange that!

The expert session. Hook up some branch specific experts or speakers to inform and enthuse about the central topic. Think about a new service, innovative method or general added value for your market. We send participants questions and polls for relevant and valuable information. Do your relations understand the purpose of this online relationship event?

Online brainstorm. Receive information of relationships during this valuable online relationship event. Where do we stand? Where do we provide added value? Where do we make ourselves indispensable? And what is the vision of relations on our service from last year? Special, personal questions lead to a lot of input. The desired outcome? Concrete new actions and solutions for even more success!

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Let’s fight against the impossibilities

And turn them into possibilities. We work from your dilemma to a successful online relationship event. Should we catch up? We’re very curious about your demands and goals!