Interne online evenementen

Online internal events

Connect remotely is the best online choice you can make! With support of the event manager Creators of Live stimulates ánd connects the right parties for an overwhelming online internal event. May we overwhelm you?

What is ‘the new standard’ for your organization?

An online gathering: it started as a must, but more and more organizations made ‘online’ a part of the future. How do you deal with this? How do you stay connected remotely? How do webinars stay interesting? These and more questions stimulate us to make the most — like really, the most — of internal corporate events. Internal events let you discover where your chances are on a changing market. You also convey information about your organization in a unique and interac-tive way. Last but not least? You strengthen the competencies in your company. One more time: connect remotely is the best online choice you can make! Meet our myriad pos-sibilities for an overwhelming online internal event.

Unique online event: in the news!

Develop your own talk show. Take on the role of Ellen DeGeneres or Jimmy Fallon and put on your own talk show. A memorable webinar guaranteed! We guide you step by step from your own company or inspiring studio to an original and effective program. We advise you in collecting relevant content ánd make the most of it. For extra interaction it is possible to add infographics, polls and question to your show. To create a catchy script, we know everything about (internal) communication, sales, marketing, job satisfaction and innovations.

 In addition, we go deep into the content for writing an effective script, so we know the content about internal communication, sales, marketing, job satisfaction and innovations very well. Your business in the news! Isn’t that amazing?!

Intern online evenement

Online workshops

Online workshops hit multiple goals, but mostly strong connection, enthusiasm, development of competencies and boundless inspiration. What is your aim? What do you want to convey? Our fantastic trainers and coaches base every unique workshop on your desires. Some possibilities? A workshop or course presenting online, business drawing, cartoon strips, posters, online magic or the New Zealand Haka Experience.

Online internal corporate events: it is like cross-pollination

Dilemmas within the organization, unique issues, new ways to inspire the market or improve customer satisfaction? Let’s kick off with an online or physical brainstorm session. The core? Create interaction, ask the right questions, clarify wishes and needs and above all actually initiate change.

Jacco Verschoor - Creators of Live - Exclusive, high end events

Effective internal events

Creators of Live advises in all possibilities to make a great success of your exclusive and effective internal events. The possibilities of our online events are endless, wo why shouldn’t we catch up for yours?