Online evenementen

Online events

Online events are — sometimes necessarily — very popular. As Creators of Live events we realize that sometimes it is what it is. Online or hybrid corporate events? We also make these an overwhelming success!   The success of your online event is laying right in front of you. Go get it!

Online events: challenge or memorable success?

We are Creators of Live: live communication, live events, live success. Online corporate events are completely different. The challenge? Less interaction, no location or destination as a powerful base and the need for more concrete content. Creators of Live also turns these challenges into a memorable success. We always see opportunities to let online events, networking moments and team building be extra powerful. How? By our recipe for success: make the communication and completion perfectly match with the issue and goal.

As creative consultancy and organization agency we work with a unique and intense intensive consultancy process. We involve you in every step, after which our exclusive and high end partners translate this into a perfect result. Efficacy first! Always. This way also online corporate events become a lifetime ánd life changing memory for every participant.

Experience the success of all our possibilities

A worldwide pandemic made sure that online events are an indispensable part of our industry. Despite our infinite love for live events, we also respond to the online possibilities. For example, for what percentage will working from home be the standard in your organization?

Meet our myriad possibilities. Meet the memorable online events of Creators of Live!

Online evenementen

Team building

Creators of Live will take you on a journey and unburden in the world of online team building. From your dilemma, challenges and benefits to a creative concept, communication, guest registration ánd realization.

Online internal events

Connect remotely is the best online choice you can make! With support of the event manager Creators of Live stimulates ánd connects the right parties for an overwhelming online internal event.

Online relationship events

Staying on top of mind with your relations, while the universe is not cooperating in physical possibili-ties? Creators of Live provides online relationship events and fight against all the impossibilities.
Jacco Verschoor - Creators of Live - Exclusive, high end events

Exclusive and high end online events

Creators of Live advises in all possibilities to make a great succes of your exclusive high end online events. That those possibilities are endless, is an understatement. Let’s start at the beginning: a good acquaintance.