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The Creators of Live method

Where event planners start, we’ve got miles on it already. As creative consultancy and organization agency we are curious about your issues, wishes and needs. We expose dilemmas, take advantage of the benefits and realize support and create an optimal win-win situation for every high end live event. We act from a passion of lifetime memories. We create live! We do that as follows.

Is there a dilemma within your organization?

Is there a dilemma within your organization? Are there any opposite values? What keeps you awake? What ideas and wishes do you have? If you want to express, solve or stimulate this with an exclusive event, we ask you to stop muse about it and contact us right now.

You have touched us and we see a beautiful challenge in your issue

We go through the frames of your dilemma and start an intensive consultancy process. You can make your choice based on the first budget proposal.

Are you as enthusiastic as we are?

With the highest degree of creativity, exclusivity and passion we are happy to start the process! Let’s kick off to an unforgettable live event. Good to know: there’s no way back! Creators of Live does anything to translate your question into a win-win situation.

Let’s sit down together

In preparation of our brainstorm session you’ll receive an extensive questionnaire. From the base to the further story: we want to know everything! Be prepared, go with the flow and dare to expose yourself. This is the only way to a success event.

Creative consultancy process

Finished our brainstorm? It’s time to pop into the creative consultancy process. Your ideas and wishes (the dilemma) will flow together with our core values. Out of love, respect, interest and success we work on a surprising concept. You will be amazed!

Creative concept

We present our creative concept. During this step we can show you how we are going to realize the reciprocity, involvement and support base with your target group. Do you agree with our concept? Than we are one step closer to your exclusive win-win situation.

Unique, added value

Let’s get on with unique added value. We bring our (international) exclusive partners together and get to work with a concrete proposal of your live event. To do’s? Creative concepts, matching communication and realization of your high end live event.


Do we have an official agreement? Get ready for an intensive collaboration with a lifetime memory as result. We arrange this for you as our client and above all for every participant on your event. The core of this step? Close cooperation with our partners, ultimate creativity and exclusivity.

At the end of the whole trajectory we start a reflection process and extensive reporting. How did your exclusive high end event go? Has the win-win situation been reached? We create live and with that we dare to guarantee success.

Jacco Verschoor - Creators of Live - Exclusive, high end events

We create live

Did we wake you up? Or are there any questions you would like to ask? Or are you more than ready for the road to an exclusive lifetime memory? Great! Don’t hesitate to get in touch or plan your appointment. We are curious about your wishes!