Meaning of a dilemma

Creators of Live is specialist creating win-win situation from a dilemma! A dilemma is also called a polarity or a paradox. In recent years, we have specialized in taking advantage of the benefits of a dilemma and knowing how to activate it. Today, we live in a rapidly changing world with the result that dilemmas follow each other in rapid succession. What is it that keeps you awake?

A dilemma can lead to a frustrating passive process.

A dilemma must be resolved. Are you not doing anything about it? Then it can become a frustrating passive process in your organization or for you as an individual. If you answer a dilemma with yes or no, this often leads to excluding one side of the dilemma. The result is then short-lived, because the other side of the dilemma also offers many positive effects.

Dilemmas have always fascinated us, because we believe in providing added value. Delivering real added value goes beyond just perfectly organizing a live event. During our consultancy process, we filter the values out of the dilemma. We brainstorm and move towards reconciliation. We do this through an appropriate advice and creation process. 

Inspired by the book 'Dancing with Dilemmas'

To resolve a dilemma, is to realize a win-win situation. Seemingly contradictory values merge. A perfect example of this is Ying and Yang. Creators of Live was inspired by the methods for ‘solving’ dilemmas and paradoxes from the book “Dancing with Dilemmas” by Alard Everds and Steven Olthof. Using tips, their methodology, and advice, we turn this into change management in organizations.

Dilemmas and paradoxes are not of late, but have been around for as long as humans have existed. The first dilemma we pretty much all know was good versus evil. Dilemmas occur in religion, government, within your organization but also in private situations. Because of the rapidly changing world, dilemmas follow each other in rapid succession. For example: how to deal with diversity and inclusiveness while your organization wants to be profitable? There are two values in this dilemma: social recognition vs. power/independence.

A dilemma is actually nothing more and nothing less than a conflict between values. At first glance, the values are mutually exclusive. Many professors have written about it and given various lectures. The book “Dancing with Dilemmas” explains various methodologies on how to deal with dilemmas. A dilemma is fun and incredibly interesting. Do you realize the yin-yang effect? Then a particularly innovative solution to your original dilemma can emerge.

7 examples of dilemma's

  • The balance of working versus a healthy lifestyle.
  • Organizational responsibility for diversity and inclusiveness versus business.
  • Magnifying sustainability and community involvement versus being profitable.
  • Expressing your mission and vision versus a rapidly changing need.
  • A new proposition of your organization or product versus existing customers.
  • Changing image while maintaining existing relationships versus new markets
  • Reinforcing the organization’s identity with employees versus giving appreciation to your employees.

From your dilemma to a megasuccess?

What keeps you awake? What keeps you from concentrating on a daily basis? What dilemma keeps you busy all the time? Creators of Live advises you in clearly formulating your dilemma, in order to work towards an exclusive, high end win-win situation. We do this by setting up an interactive brainstorm session together with you and your stakeholders. We then use the results to set to work. Through intensive cooperation, we convert all information into a ‘live’ communication plan with an exclusive, high-end event as the end station; win-win-win!

You want to win too, right? Are you ready for a megasuccess?