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International Events & Incentives Europe

Discover the most beautiful cities or enjoy the beautiful regions. Europe, the continent of diversity, variety and dynamism. None of the other continents is as diverse as Europe. Creators of Live is a creative consulting and organizing agency for exclusive, high end events. Together with our partners we share the same mission: exclusive, high-end events with the aim of creating lasting experiences and lifelong memories that enrich your life. We create live!

Our services in Europe

Every country a different culture. Every city its own possibilities. Every culture its own form of interaction. Creators of Live is a creative consultancy and organization agency for national and international events. An exclusive, qualitative and above all creative network for incentives and international events. Thanks to our partners our possibilities are limitless, truly limitless!

From reserving a private jet to an exclusive table concert. From the location to the decoration and the audio-visual equipment. From a private limousine upon arrival at destination to an exclusive check-in in a luxury 5* hotel or boutique. From a standard incentive to out-of-the-box exclusive Event Design. The similarities? Exclusive, high end international events for lasting experiences and lifelong memories that enrich your guests!

We say it again. Where others stop, we continue for the ultimate live experience!

International Meetings

A strategy session, board meeting, negotiations or management meeting. During international meetings essential information is discussed with each other. Creators of Live selects the most suitable location in Europe and ensures that your guests will lack for nothing. Completely thought out and organized down to the last detail!


A nice trip or international event where important employees and/or relations are connected. An incentive is literally a reward for employees or associates. An incentive can have the purpose of strengthening the identity of the organization by realizing commitment, appreciation and motivation. Not only is it about the pleasure and appreciation during an incentive, but a congress, trade fair, meeting or presentation can also be part of this exclusive experience.

International meeting Europe, Berlin _ Creators of Live
International Event, Meeting, Conference or Incentive in Monaco, Europe _ Creators of Live

International Congresses / Conferences

Participating in a congress, taking care of a trade fair or organizing a conference. Creators of Live is not only extremely creative, but also very flexible and responds to any business or private issue and converts them into effective and result-oriented experiences. This enables us to create a lasting experience for our client and its guests.

International Events

Various types of business events from a company visit to a product launch or brand activation at destination! A private event? For example celebrating success on a beautiful yacht in Ibiza or in Paris with an exquisite private dining. A luxury wedding in Tuscany among the Greek olive groves. Creators of Live is a creative consultancy and organization agency for the development of unique Event Design with the ability to organize it in detail!

Which destination suits you?

Creators of Live takes you on a journey through Europe and the endless possibilities for creating an exclusive, high end event. As already mentioned Europe is insane with over 1001 possibilities! Curious about the possibilities for you? Tell us your idea and wishes and we will turn your issue into a special lifetime experience.