Internationale evenementen

Incentives & international events

Get on a seaplane and make a unique tour over Dubai or become one with nature and discover one of the oldest coffee and cocoa plantations in Suriname. Stay in a luxury and environmentally conscious ‘pod’ at 1400 meters altitude or what about making it extra challenging by surviving in the Tramuntana Mountains of Mallorca? From Dubai or Suriname to Mallorca or Paris: whatever your destination will be, let us completely overwhelm you by our life changing international events and incentives. Are you ready to get in?

Let’s smash your goals with our international events

A stimulation, courage, team building or next level reward for achieving business goals? Incen-tives are an unforgettable stimulus for your organization. Creators of Live focuses on the ‘unfor-gettable’ part. Not a simple ticket, basic team trip or normal dinner party, but groundbreaking, cross-border and blurring boundaries in the most positive sense of the words. Our decor for eve-ry unique, exclusive project? The whole world!

Worldwide exclusive incentives

From Dubai to Suriname: the world as our decor offers endless possibilities. But even that doesn’t emphasize our unique concept enough. We translate your issue or dilemma into an effective incentive. In fact, we’ll do anything for that.

Rather organize an exclusive experience that matches the brand or organization? Be amazed in wonderful Paris where art, fashion and gastronomy fuse. Have dinner on the rooftops of the city of light. And what about Monaco in the world of luxury, overwhelming yachts, Formula 1 and exclusivity? Indispensable! Dream rich with an exclusive helicopter tour above this sunlit paradise. Or do you prefer mountains, a beautiful nature, sharks and penguins, adventure and exclusive wines? Discover Cape Town. Or what do you think of a real life movie set in Los Angeles? White beaches, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Walk of Fame and Sunset Boulevard…

Did we mention the endless possibilities? Ok, once again. The possibilities are really endless. Let’s get in touch! 

Creators of Live opens doors where others leave them closed

In collaboration with our exclusive, international partners we open doors where others leave them closed. Worldwide! Creators of Live discovers, pioneers and walks wild paths for your exclusive experience. We act from human interest, love, respect and success.

Jacco Verschoor - Creators of Live - Exclusive, high end events

Incentives: your lifetime memory starts here

Have you started dreaming yet? Let’s organize an unforgettable international event. Our team of international experts can’t wait to surprise you with the most beautiful and impressive international events. Exclusive, high end and unforgettable. Are you ready to get in?