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Event Experience Design, the opportunities are presenting themselves!

After a long period of uncertainty, this will come to an end in the coming period. Creators of Live will be able to carry out its activities in all their glory again. Following other countries, the Netherlands is also relaxing its measures. This offers opportunities to connect, to touch and to realize a real impact. Ready for live experiences? We are!

25 February: measures gone!

In phases, the Netherlands turns green again and the possibilities are unprecedented. Phased, that is, which means that the Netherlands will open in three steps. Unique, exclusive and high end events will soon be possible again. How will you connect your employees? How will you surprise your clients after a long absence? Will you move your online events to live?

Step 1: Music returns to the tent

The home or private measure of only hosting 4 people at home will be cancelled immediately. Also, the home work advice changes to work a maximum of half the time at the office. Previously, the hospitality industry was allowed to open until a maximum of 10.00 pm.

Step 2: As of February 18 live will return.

Venues are allowed to open until 01.00 am. The ticket for the hospitality industry remains in effect until February 25, including other locations such as cinemas, museums, theaters and stadiums. Once inside? Then the mouth mask, the 1.5 meters and a fixed seat are no longer mandatory up to a maximum of 500 visitors. For more than 500 visitors, wearing a mouth mask and a fixed seat is still mandatory. And the quarantine advice is shortened to 5 days, if 24 hours free of health issues!

Step 3: Freedom back from February 25

We sometimes already call it our Liberation Day! Liberation from a pandemic that has the world in its grip. Because on Friday, February 25, we will take the final step, provided developments remain positive. For now it looks like we will say goodbye to the corona certificate for locations with less than 500 people, the mandatory 1.5 meters, wearing a mouth mask when moving in the hospitality, education and retail sectors and we will say goodbye to a fixed seat in the hospitality sector.

Covid measures are taken in The Netherlands. This is what you need to know to organize events _ Creators of Live

Responsible events again!

So it means that we are allowed to organize events up to 500 people again. This makes it possible for business events to continue responsibly, both nationally and internationally. At venues where more than 500 people gather, everyone must show a negative test result.

The mouth mask does remain in public transport and airports, so that vulnerable people can also travel safely. On March 15, consideration will be given to completely dropping even the mouth mask in public transport, the compulsory admission ticket (1G), and the homework advice!

Events abroad?

The corona situation is not the same everywhere. In the neighbouring countries of the Netherlands the measures already differ greatly. For this we advise standardly through the reports of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All safety and health risks weigh in. However, this does make it possible to travel within Europe or the World. For returning to The Netherlands, the quarantine obligation will be lifted as of February 25. It is therefore possible to organize meetings, incentives, conferences and events abroad.

The advice for travelers remains: travel well prepared. Corona is not going away. We will advise you and your guests correctly and accurately via the latest developments. Measures such as testing requirements, QR codes and mouth masks may still apply. We advise according to the measures of the destination, your guests will be kept continuously informed. Prefer personally? Then we’ll help you with the right briefing about the measures!

Events in the Netherlands and BeNeLux

Under the same conditions, events in the BeNeLux are possible again! We are happy to welcome your international guests. We advise you with specific information about the applicable measures in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. In addition, we guarantee safety and health in our Event Experience Design plans, so that it is possible for you and your international guests to experience the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg live in a responsible manner!

To organize events in The Netherlands and BeNeLux responsible with Creators of Live

MICE is Back to Live!

In short, it is possible again. It is possible again and it is allowed again. Are there any organizational problems in your organization or within your team? Connecting with your relations after times of absence? A grand and compelling incentive program, not only to achieve the goals, but extra grand to express the appreciation? Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events (MICE) are Back to Live! Creators of Live develops exclusive, high end events in a responsible way. It’s time to experience, connect and inspire!

  Live experiences that exceed expectations.