Destination Management Company: The Gambia

The Smiling Coast of Africa makes every meeting special. Love and hospitality, beautiful and sometimes wild nature and unique cultural differences. Are sustainability, diversity, inclusivity and social involvement a central point within your policy or plans? Discover The Gambia and increase worlds most important core values with your invitees.

African luxury for your events

Long beaches, resorts with a high degree of African luxury and a very colorful and loving population. With this basis, your business or private event is always considered unique and special. A life changing meeting with absolute added value for every participant!

A world of possibilities

From a product launch to an international conference and from a breath taking wedding to an exclusive incentive: DMC The Gambia offers a world of possibilities. The cultural differences are great and the results are magical.

Corporate events in The Gambia

International conferences, eventually with important African partners and suppliers.

Special meetings to tune and develop a new policy. Are Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and awareness of and fighting against climate change a part within your organization?

Kick off events with team building components. For example, think about the presentation of a new sales strategy and realizing ability. Relativity may play a major role during this event.

Product launches or brand activations. A conscious brand deserves a conscious introduction. Or think about an innovation that simplify life or offers a special part within CSR.

Team building or network sessions where every participant is actively involved in life changing projects. For example, building schools, taking care of turtles or stray dogs, using passion at an orphanage or be a great significance to Gambian health care.

Private events in The Gambia

Exclusive trips with a combination of luxury and involvement in the well-being of the Gambian population. Guaranteed a unique, loving and life changing experience.

Do you want to say your “I do” along the long Gambian beaches? The Atlantic Ocean in the background, the colorful clothes of the population and an African band playing live music: the romance explodes! Choose an exclusive resort or a location along the magical beaches built specially for you and your loved ones. Turn the most beautiful day of your life into the most beautiful day of everyones life!

Successes and anniversaries should be celebrated. Always! So why not in a grand, warm and eccentric way? Discover our possibilities in The Gambia. Creators of Live stands for unforgettable and life changing.

Creators of Live & Smiling Child of The Gambia

The (unpaved) roads of The Gambia. With over 5 years of experience in this enchanting country, we know these roads like the back of our hand. Creators of Live is involved in the foundation Smiling Child of The Gambia, co-founded in April 2017 by owner Jacco Verschoor. We are committed to a great diversity and a big network. This way we’re able to offer our international clients the possibilities of unique, involved and social events.

Creators of Live is connected to Smiling Child of The Gambia by sharing a part of our net profit with the foundation. Together we strive for the development of education, a safe and hygienic educational environment and a better future for the poor and underprivileged children in this breathtaking country.

Life changing. Does that match your vision?

Love, respect, interest and success. We found our core values partly in The Gambia. And our mission? We found our mission in your story. With DMC The Gambia we provide exclusive and high end experience that contribute to life changing moments. Live!

What’s your plan? We take care of the rest.