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Corporate events: (international) events, conferences and parties

Our aim is to organize special corporate events that make the vision of your organization, institution or brand always be remembered. The decor? The world! The content? High end, exclusive and life changing. Creators of Live ensures that your corporate event fits, surprises, inspires and will never be forgotten by realizing a win-win situation. Online and offline and domestic or international: the success of your unique event is within reach.

Live corporate events

Openings and anniversary celebrations

Kick off events and year start meetings

Conference organization

Award shows and staff events

Client events and brand experiences

Public events

Brand activation and product launches

Any different type of event? Just let us know! We work towards the ultimate experience and we love a challenge.

The road to your success event: from dilemma or issue to win-win

There are no free rides to ultimate added value. Call it your lucky day! With over 15 years of experiences in the organization of domestic ánd international corporate events, no challenge is too great for us. We provide this with a strong global network of partners and suppliers.

The road to a live success event is a creative and flexible process with your wants and needs as starting point. Though an intensive consultancy and organization journey we work to the ultimate goal: a win-win situation. Is there a dilemma going on like opposite values or other challenges? We don’t skip a thing. We determine the framework of the issue, expose every detail and take advantage of the benefits for unique corporate events.

Zakelijke evenementen | adviesgesprek

Potential dilemmas


Corporate Social Responsibility

Diversity and inclusivity

Care for employees

The identity or the image of a brand, organization or institution.

So, win-win. We realize this by creating reciprocity from the target group. Quid pro quo: at your special live event we turn invitees into ambassadors for life. We surprise and impress with strong communication and ironclad branding.

Zakelijke evenementen | Creators of Live

Groundbreaking corporate events with the world as decor

National borders don’t scare us. In fact, they motivate, inspire and boost the creative process towards the most diverse international corporate events. Together with our global network of exclusive partners we won’t disappoint. A conference, meeting or other corporate event in Shanghai or Dubai? We have no limits and don’t follow the beaten track. Creators of Live takes risks and and pioneers: domestic and abroad.

May we overwhelm you with these high end corporate events?

Exclusive and high end online corporate events

Creators of Live advises in all possibilities to make your exclusive high end online or offline corporate event to a great success. That those possibilities are endless, is an understatement. Let’s start at the beginning: a good acquaintance.

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