Conference organization

Sharing new knowledge, creating awareness around a theme or connecting relations. Conference organization is the answer on a lot of questions, but asks a lot of an event manager or workgroup. How do you make sure that you can check off all the boxes of afterwards? By creating a win-win-win situation. Creators of Live for the win(s): exclusive and always effective.

From what to how

Support base, connection, activation, communication, creativity and impact. We can keep calling terms that are indispensable for conference organization. Often the ‘whats’ are crystal clear, but what do you know about the how?

How do you make a deep connection with your audience?

How do you create ‘live’ communication with a clear message?

How do you turn your audience into activation for your brand or product?

How change your target audience into fans of the brand?

How do you work towards that ultimate win-win-win situation?

From what to how. Discover our exclusive, high end conference organization.

We turn your target audience into fans!

Creators of Live is your advisor in ánd organizer of a unique and exclusive conference. From the right communication to activation of your target audience and from a high degree of creativity to ultimate impact on your participants. A new proposition or realizing ambassadors: we start at your desired result. We are here for your triple win situation.

Substantive and practical: from advice to great success

As a substantive partner we think along, advise and create effective communication in advance, during and after your conference. We don’t just delve into the key message, but we’re also very curious about your target audience and organization. This is the fundamental input to guarantee added value. Fundamental input to exceed your expectations.

Practical we are your partner to follow up and process registrations, take care of badges and the complete planning of your conference at home or abroad. After the event we’re here to measure results ánd celebrate the success.

The win-win-win situation of your conference

Our creativity and exclusivity are in the will to connect participants and offer absolute added value. We realize win-win-win situations by turning ideas into actual plans. Win:

  1. For the organization. We turn your target audience involved ones into fans.
  2. For the life of every individual invitee. We arrange that by real communication and a clear message.
  3. For a lasting and life long memory. We arrange that by realizing support and involvement with valuable parties.

We go far. And you?

We go far for every conference organization. Literally, by thinking beyond national borders. But also figuratively by starting at the DNA of your organization, the message and the need of your target audience. Together with our exclusive partners ánd together with you we start the creative and effective process to your exclusive, high end conference.

We go far. Are you in?