Client event and brand experience

Your company or brand has a great story. Bring this story to life during a relationship event or brand experience. Creators of Live delves into the story behind your company or brand and translates this into exclusive, high end experiences. Telling the story behind your brand, product or company is one thing, but making it come alive requires a lot of creativity. Creators of Live translates the story of your company or brand into a unique event design. No uniformity, but special for your company or brand and the target audience.

Witness and experience during your brand event

Connect your relations, clients, dealers and customers to your brand, company or product. By organizing a brand experience you let your target audience experience the story of your brand or company, also called experience economy! By developing the experience with the utmost care and creativity for the brand and company, we convert your guests into fans! We establish a connection for life.

The goal of your brand experience is to touch, to affect and to connect. According to us this is only possible by giving the visitors an exclusive, high end experience. We tell the story behind your brand or company not only in live communication in the run-up and after your event. The story comes to life during your brand experience.

Client event, not quite a brand experience

Client events are not quite brand experiences, but they look suspiciously like it! During a client or relationship event you want to touch your dealers, clients and customers and give them appreciation. The goal: connecting for life! We don’t live the whole story, but we do let your relations experience the appreciation. It takes a lot of creativity to combine the connection and appreciation into a lifelong commitment that contributes to everyone’s life! A crushing impression and exceeding expectations are the key words of Creators of Live.

After today, they are your ambassadors

Even though both types of events are not completely the same. Client events and brand experiences do have something in common, because after today your invitees will be the ambassadors of your company, brand and/or product. The strongest advertising for your organization you can have, word of mouth. Creators of Live advises and organizes exclusive, high end events. With utmost creativity we develop Event Design concepts that touches your guests in the heart!

Do you want to be touched in the heart? You’re almost there.

Jacco Verschoor