Jacco Verschoor

We are Creators of Live

July 2021. From a passion of lifetime memories Jacco Verschoor started Creators of Live. Exclusive, high end events with the world as decor. We act from love, interest, respect and success.15 years of experience within different organizations in the hospitality sector preceded that.

Love for the specialty, the world and every individual, to which we sincerely want to contribute.

Respect for the individual and the earth. This starts with our intensive consultancy process where we discover your question, expose the dilemma en take advantage of the benefits. A deep, respectful connection with a client is the base for success.

Interest in every brand, every organization or every participant. We go for your unforgettable experience en for that we would like to get to know you.

Success! By the intensive process from consultancy to organization we translate every form of ‘live’ to a lifetime breathtaking memory. The core is strong communication en solid branding of you as individual, the brand or the organization.

An creative consultancy and organization agency

As a creative consultancy and organization agency we make a difference in high end and exclusive events. The focus? Live communication, live events and live memories. Domestic or abroad, business or private: we contribute to life and exceed every expectation of every client, guest or participant.

At the highest level we develop consultancy processes and creative concepts. The next step? The implementation: the road to an amazing, unforgettable result. With over 15 years of experience ánd a very strong international network, we make untrodden paths accessible. We continue where others stop.

Jacco Verschoor - Creators of Live - Exclusive, high end events

From (international) corporate events to luxury private events

We start any kind of a live event with an intensive consultancy process. The Creators of Live method explores the unique issue within an organization, brand or of an individual. We don’t skip issues: we expose dilemmas and take advantage of the benefits. The result is an exclusive win-win situation. This way we guarantee a live event with unique added value.

We create live!