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3 online teambuilding games for Christmas

Slowly the measures are taken off, more and more is possible! Thus, we are happy to organize your Christmas private dining or end-of-year event.

We understand that this time also brings much uncertainty. For those of you who prefer to be on the safe side or have to deal with the international measures, we have selected 3 inspiring and fun online teambuilding games.

Curious about the possibilities or our endless creativity?

Online: Christmas break-out bingo

Your team is divided into smaller teams. After a game explanation we divide the teams over the different break-outs. You get to know your team better while playing. A great game, for teams that have gone through big changes this year. During the bingo it is your task to get your bingo card full. You do this by looking for the answers within your team: “Who has three children?” “Which team member brushes their teeth with Colgate?” The game can be personalized with questions about the company or your team in general, this way there are bonus points to be won. The winner takes the honors, because in a pleasant and fun way you got to know your colleagues better!

Online: Christmas around the world

Together with your team you designate one Santa Claus, the other team members are the Christmas elves. During this online team building you travel around the world. Your goal is to bring as many Christmas gifts as possible to different countries. This can only be done by solving the questions, assignments and riddles that belong to the different countries. But beware: only Santa Claus can answer, but the elves have the questions and tasks. It will be a game of online communication, hilarity and above all fun.

Online teambuilding _ Christmas around the world! - Creators of Live
Online teambuilding _ Christmas Blockbusters _ Creators of Live

Online: Christmas blockbusters

To really spark creativity, finish off this year with your own Oscar Winning Christmas Movie! A memento of this time and perhaps the conclusion of this bizarre crisis. During the blockbusters, your team will be divided into groups of about 5 people. Together, each team will work to make a Christmas movie. A film of approximately 6 – 10 scenes. You write the storyline, get inspired by your company values or the story of your company and let this come together with your personal creativity. Together you write your film using our Christmas Storyboard. Then you upload the scenes to our editor team, with your chosen Christmas song. After the production work, the Christmas movies are shown to each other. Guaranteed to be a creative afternoon full of fun and humor with a valuable video to look back on afterwards!

Jacco Verschoor

Endless possibilities and opportunities!

Creators of Live has a lot of inspiration and opportunities for the best online team building games. Challenge us for a fun and entertaining online teambuilding. Would you rather organize a live event? Then rely on our knowledge and network.

The online teambuildings are of course not complete without our exclusive packages. Especially for your team we develop a customized Christmas package, taking into account any international customs restrictions. The possibilities are endless, so let us make this holiday season to remember!