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Creators of Live: Exclusive, high end events with the world as our decor.

As creative consultancy and organization agency we stand for live communication and live events from The Netherlands to the most exotic destinations and every place in between. We operate from love, interest, respect and success. Our mission? To convert organizational and private issues to unforgettable win-win situations. We create live!

Corporate events, conferences and parties

Private events: luxury wedding or luxury events

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From dilemma to win-win situation

We’re here from consultancy to organization, realization ánd reflection. We add value by not running away from issues or dilemmas. We expose them! This way we make maximum use of the advantages and realize win-win situations that are reflected on your exclusive, high end event. There are no free rides to unique added value. No, we’ll look it up. Live!

Dilemmas are the ultimate basis for an exclusive, high end event. What are the frameworks of your issue? For instance strengthen identity, realize solidarity, societal challenges, a changing market, support from the target group, a global pandemic or a knowledge transfer. We expose your dilemmas. And the outcome? Let’s make it great!

Always an exclusive consultancy and organization journey

Creators of Live provide ultimate and impressive value for life. Based on 15 years of experience and expertise we convert your wishes and demands, proposition or brand experience to an overwhelming high end live activation and live event. Quite a mouthful? Absolutely! Our global network and endless creativity are indispensable over here. The outcome is an exclusive consultancy and organization journey that ends in unique, life changing moments. Make the difference! That’s how we roll.

Creators of Live | exclusive, high end events | consultancy & organization

We are Creators of Live

No one size fits all: every brand, organization or individual is unique

Love for the incredible profession and live memories.

Genuine interest in every client ánd participant.

Respect for the earth, every individual and a long lasting experience.

Thanks to great collaborations with client and the parties concerned we create a huge success.

Jacco Verschoor - Creators of Live - Exclusive, high end events

Trust the magic of beginnings

Are their issues or dilemmas inside your organization that cry for a win-win situation? Are you looking for a next level DMC? Will you do anything for a exclusive, high end event? Or is your wedding — the happiest day of your life — supposed to be everybody’s happiest day of their lives? Check, check, check and… check. We provide the right exclusive partners and the communication and appearance for your unique live event. Make an appointment! We can’t wait to hear about your idea, wants and wishes.